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On 20 September 2022 the memorial day of Mrs. Raisa Gorbachev, Dr. Lam offered flowers to the tombs of Mr.and Mrs Gorbachev and chanted

Photos with Consul Generals of Canada, South Korea, Australia, Sweden and Germany on 7 September 2022 National Day Celebration dinner in Hong Kong.

On 7 Sep 2022, Dr. Lam had lunch with Consul General Aleksander Danda of Poland in Hong Kong.

On 30 August 2022, Consul General Peyami of Turkey presented a souvenir to Dr. Lam

On 29 August 2022, Dr. Lam visited Consul General Todrigo Fuente for partnership with Argentina Museums.

On 14 August 2022, Dr. Lam visited Consul General Mr. Okada Kenichi in the Embassy of Japan Hong Kong for promoting Japanese Art in Hong Kong.

On 15 June 2022, Dr. Lam hosted dinner for a refugee family from Ukraine to Geneva

On 15 June 2022,Dr. Lam visited UNHCR Headquarter Geneva.

On 14 June 2022, Dr. Lam received the Certificate of Appreciation in UNHCR Headquarter Geneva.

Dr. Lam with Ukrainian refugees in Vienna appealled for fund raising to help refugees and stop war.

Dr. Lam supported UNHCR to build the ‘Lam Kin-Chung Ikeda Girls High School’ in Kot Chandana, Punjab, Parkistan. The school benefits 320 Afganistan refugee girls.

At the outbreak of Russia-Ukraine War, Dr. Lam sponsored UNHCR to produce video in TV to appeal for refugee rescue.

Dr. Lam’s letter to Dr. Gorbachev was included in the book ‘ Understanding Gorbachev ‘ published in 2021

Letter of appreciation from The Hong Kong University of Science And Technology

Letter of appreciation from Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Letter of appreciation from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Letter of appreciation from Hong Kong Baptist University

On 8 Aug, 2021 Consul General Pham Binh Dam of Viet Nam in Hong Kong present certificate of appreciation to Dr. Lam for the generous donation to purchase medical equipment for the fight against Covid-19 in Viet Nam

On 24 June, 2021 Dr. Lam was appointed by UNHCR headquartor to be the Patron

Together with other Knights of Rizal, Dr.Lam made donation to UNICEF HK to support Timor-leste project in 2020.

Together with other Knights of Rizal, Dr.Lam made donation to UNICEF HK to support Timor-leste project in 2020.

Dr. Lam meets Bazar Business Counselor

On May 27, 2019, Dr. Lin met in Beijing, such as the Mongolian Embassy in China, Bazar Business Counselor. The Bazar Commercial Counselor is an old friend of Hong Kong who has been stationed in Hong Kong for many years.…

Dr. Lam meets Canadian Deputy Consul Michele Anderson

On June 11, 2019, Dr. Lin met with Canadian Deputy Consul in Montreal, Michele Anderson, to discuss sponsoring Hong Kong athletes to enroll in the Canadian online secondary school curriculum.

Dr. Lin meets with the Mayor of Jakarta, Annis Baswedan, in Indonesia.

On February 1, 2019, Dr. Lin met with the Mayor of Jakarta, Annis Baswedan, in Indonesia to discuss the Belt and Road cooperation project.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Wayne meets with President of Conghua Yulin in Guangdong

On 31st August 2011, President Lam acquainted with Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Wayne Swan in Guangdong, China. Mr. Swan appreciated President Lam’s contribution to the Confucian Institute of Melbourne University. Kin-Chung Lam Room was named in Melbourne University. On the…

Saudi Arabian National Oil Company Chairman Aramco President

July 23, 2017 Mr. Nabil A. Al – Nuaim, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Arabian National Oil Company, stayed in Hong Kong for one night and shared dinner with his friend Dr. Lin on Shangri-La, Hong Kong Island.…

Saudi Arabia Ambassador in Beijing

At noon on May 28, 2017 Saudi Arabian Ambassador to China Turks Al-Madi invited Dr. Lin Jianzhong to visit the newly renovated official residence and talk about the business opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative with China and Hong…