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Letter of appreciation from The Hong Kong University of Science And Technology

Letter of appreciation from Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Letter of appreciation from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Letter of appreciation from Hong Kong Baptist University

林健忠曉陽慈善基金捐贈香港中文大學 1500 萬成立 『何敬誠。林健忠青光眼治療及研究中心』

林健忠曉陽慈善基金捐贈香港中文大學 1500 萬成立 『何敬誠。林健忠青光眼治療及研究中心』

2021年 7月30日 越南河內大學 授予名譽博士 給林博士 典禮在越南駐港大使館舉行

On 7 July 2021, Lam Kin Chung, Jet King-Shing Ho Glaucoma Treatment and Research Centre were launched in both Hong Kong Eye Hospital and the CUHK Medical Centre.

2021年6月28日, 越南河內大學授予林健忠1959年創校以來首位名譽博士。 頒授儀式於7月30日越南駐港大使事館由范譚平大使主持,用zoom 遙距會議方式與河內大學、同步進行。

On 28 January 2021 Lam Kin Chung Lecture Theatre was named in the Open University of Hong Kong.

Dr Lam visits Lord Eatwell

On July 12, 2019, Dr. Lin visited Lord Eatwell, the principal of Queen’s College of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. In 2007, Mr. Lin sponsored 30 teachers and students from Queen’s College to attend the 150th Anniversary Concert of…