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Dr. Lam visited Professor Lee Chi Kin , President of the Education University of Hong Kong on 23.2.2023.

On 16 Sep 2022, Dr. Lam establish Raisa and Mikhail Gorbachev Peacescholarship for Raisa Gorbachev Children Marrow Transplantation Medical Centre


On 16 September 2022, Dr. Lam met Rector Nikolay Propachev of St. Petersburg in Russia.

Dr. Lam supported UNHCR to build the ‘Lam Kin-Chung Ikeda Girls High School’ in Kot Chandana, Punjab, Parkistan. The school benefits 320 Afganistan refugee girls.

On 23 November 2021, Dr. Lam sponsored the Turkey Forum and received souvenir from Mr. Peyami , Consul General of Turkey

Letter of appreciation from The Hong Kong University of Science And Technology

Letter of appreciation from Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Letter of appreciation from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Letter of appreciation from Hong Kong Baptist University

林健忠曉陽慈善基金捐贈香港中文大學 1500 萬成立 『何敬誠。林健忠青光眼治療及研究中心』

林健忠曉陽慈善基金捐贈香港中文大學 1500 萬成立 『何敬誠。林健忠青光眼治療及研究中心』