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Dr. Lam meets Bazar Business Counselor

  • August 13, 2019

On May 27, 2019, Dr. Lin met in Beijing, such as the Mongolian Embassy in China, Bazar Business Counselor. The Bazar Commercial Counselor is an old friend of Hong Kong…

Madame Madeleine Albright

  • August 4, 2019

On June 18, 2016, the 30th Anniversary Dinner of the Sino-American Cultural Research Center of Nanjing University, Dr. Lin and the first female secretary of state, Madame Madeleine Albright, discussed…

Saudi Arabia Ambassador in Beijing

  • August 3, 2019

At noon on May 28, 2017 Saudi Arabian Ambassador to China Turks Al-Madi invited Dr. Lin Jianzhong to visit the newly renovated official residence and talk about the business opportunities…