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Dr.Lam Talks With Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Yunus

Dr.Lam talks with Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Yunus

In Bangladesh, Dr. Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, talked for an hour–the economic growth has made more people live under the poverty line.

Muhammad Yunus founded the Bangladesh Rural Bank. The Bangladesh Rural Bank (also known as Grameen Bank) has created a successful model of microfinance for poor farmers in Bangladesh for nearly three decades and has been replicated in many countries and regions (especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America). The less developed countries have caused great repercussions in the anti-poverty cause around the world. Its founder, Muhammad Unus, is thus regarded as the most symbolic of the world’s use of microfinance to declare war on poverty. Charismatic character.

His top-level elite in Bangladesh, who earned a doctorate in economics from the United States and is the head of the economics department at the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh, pays attention to the poor who are hungry and destitute with a passion, sincerity and strong sense of morality. Spiritual and incomparable toughness challenge the traditional financial system and the inefficient bureaucracy. In just three decades, a negligible loan from $27 (borrowed to 42 abject peasant women) has grown to become nearly four million borrowers (96% women) and 1,277 branches (branch branches over 46,620 villages) ), 12,546 employees, a large rural bank network with a repayment rate of 98.89%. What is even more amazing is that Grameen’s model has not only been widely implemented in poor areas, but also rich countries such as the United States have successfully established the Grameen network and effectively implemented anti-poverty projects.