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Governance Philosophy That Must Be Possessed By The Next Chief Executive

Governance philosophy that must be possessed by the next Chief Executive

Recently, the outposts about the next Chief Executive have become enthusiasm. Several suspected candidates often express their opinions on different social issues, but I feel that they lack a complete set of theories and central ideas, so they will only go back to the former Chief Executive. The old road of “I will do a good job” when the election is up.

The professionalism of the responsible wage earners is certainly commendable. However, in the current complicated political, economic and democratic demands, the next Chief Executive can no longer be a headache, a painful foot, or even a slap in the face. We need a powerful leader who has a comprehensive layout and actual combat, just like Moses leading the people out of the Red Sea. When Jiang Zemin was appointed as the president of the country, there were “three represents” as the guiding ideology of governance; Hu Jintao had a “scientific view of development.”

I believe that to thoroughly resolve the deep-seated contradictions in Hong Kong society: the disparity between the rich and the poor and the high cost of living in grassroots must establish the governance philosophy of “capitalism in the grassroots and people-oriented spirit.”

Grassroots People-Oriented Spirit

What is the “grassroots people-oriented spirit”? Society is made up of people with different economic incomes. There are rich, middle-class, low-income, and non-income people. The latter two are the “grassroots” people I am referring to. Capitalism has developed for so many years, and the word “freedom” has been used. The intangible monopoly has aggravated the gap between the rich and the poor. The employment of large consortia seems to be equivalent to benefiting social harmony.

I clarify here that I have no hatred and rich attitude, and many real estate developers are my friends. Merchants only make adjustments in accordance with government policies. Therefore, when formulating policies, the government must take care of the grassroots people as a big premise, and understand that poverty alleviation is not like providing employment. The high cost of living has turned labor into life, and the poor have been unable to accumulate funds and become small and medium-sized enterprises. This society has slowly lost its vitality, social mobility has disappeared, and the middle class has shrunk.

I am an industry in the IT industry, and I have some ideas for IT poverty alleviation. My direction is also very basic: medical food and shelter. In this regard, Octopus can fully play the role of social enterprises. If the Octopus is implanted into the chip, the name of the holder, the ID number and the code of the area of ​​residence will be memorized, and the individual reported assets will be attached. The comprehensive score will be divided into abcde level 5, cage home residents are grade a, and luxury home residents are grade e. . Then my thoughts can be easily realized. I named this new Octopus “Social Enterprise Octopus”.






最近公職會舉辦了一個家用品及食物展銷會,平均價格比惠康、百佳便宜三成。這表示草根人民在日常生活的開支很高。現行的銷售模式,中間商以上架費控制銷售渠道,決定交易條件,抽走大部份利潤。假如在社區敎育市民在網上用團購方式,領匯及房委會轄下的公共屋邨提供便宜的場地給社區合作社,作為物流集散配送,這樣的方式fine tune後應該可行。