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In May 2022, Dr. Lam published the Chinese version of President Gorbachev’s Cold War Memoir. President Gorbachev wrote a preface for the Chinese version with words of thanks to Dr. Lam.

Hong Kong In the Belt & Road initiative

A Half-Century Difference

相差半世紀的忘年之交 ——–我與季羨林老師的邂逅 我與季羨林老師的邂逅,可以說是誤打誤撞。1998年北大慶祝百年校慶,時任校長陳佳洱教授來港邀約午膳,席間我欣然答允捐贈一百萬元,用作維修北大古樓。俟後我造訪北大,故友趙恩普老師帶領我在北大遊覽。走到外文樓門口,我看到外文樓有點破舊,便與趙老師說:捐款就用作維修此樓吧!那時我對東方學系及季老毫不認識。

「一帶一路與香港」New Book Edition

On March 1, 2016, Dr. Lin Jianzhong published a new book. This book is the first collection of Chinese and Hong Kong experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to co-author a book on the Belt and Road and Hong Kong. The book…

Experiencing Asia

Experiencing Asia new perspectives

World Youth Leader Forum 2012

Towards a World without Proverty and Inequality: World Youth Leaders Forum 2012

Reshaping the Post-crisis World Order: World Youth Leaders Forum 2011

World Youth Leaders Forum 2011

The Future of International Environmental Law

The Rise of China and India

The Rise of China and India